The connections between brands and music are becoming ever closer and creative, the cooperations ever more diverse. Many brands have firmly anchored music sponsoring in their marketing strategies, the use of music and songs in advertising and film is increasing, influencer marketing in the field of music is a natural part of the mix. Agencies create innovative analog and digital formats online and offline, build new platforms and develop new forms of cooperation. In short: the cooperation between the music industry and the advertising industry is more established than ever before. And it is fully accepted by fans - if it is well done and offers added value. In the ideal case, the result is a win-win-win situation - for artists, for brands and for fans.

On Thursday, May 2, 2019, the programming section BRANDS & MUSIC will bring together all those who contribute to the success of such mutually enriching cooperations: advertisers, marketers, media makers, musicians, rights holders, the music industry and the advertising industry. For a whole day, we offer insights into the relevant topics and present cases, discuss with agencies, consultants, companies, managers and music makers about the status quo and the future of the connection between music and brands – artists and advertising.

We will address the question of how music in general and advertising music, in particular, control our emotions. We will examine what interests need to be reconciled, not just business interests, when a song comes together with a clip or a musician with a brand. We will gain insights into the music strategies of major international brands. We will ask why some brands suddenly have their own festivals. And we will investigate how festivals themselves become brands in order to be perceived as tourist events. For the finale, we will listen to the first interactive song with voice-controlled assistant Alexa - and will hear about the story behind it. And we will offer all participants a platform to enter into new cooperations themselves.



Since the beginning of digitalization, the music industry has been a driving force behind key technological developments and trends to establish new business models and revenue opportunities for creative professionals. The DIGITAL MUSIC section of the c/o pop Convention 2019 on May 2 and 3, 2019 will bring together professionals from the music, creative and digital industries to discuss key issues and challenges facing the music industry in the digital age. The latest technological findings, developments and visions will be examined from the perspective of the music industry in various thematic focuses. At the same time, we want to develop guidance for politics that focus on creative people and their interests.

One focus is devoted to the increasingly urgent need for innovation in the music industry. As a stimulus, we will present interesting new ideas and cases from the fields of audio and video, label work, data management and artificial intelligence. In a blockathon, we will be working on bringing a breath of fresh air into the ecosystem of the music industry. We will also talk about new licensing models that are not only driven by new technologies, but also by a new willingness to cooperate.

We will explore how musicians can use digital platforms such as Bandcamp to generate revenue, and show how music streaming could be improved, so there will be something remaining for the creators in the end. We will outline how green technologies can make clubs and festivals more sustainable. And we will offer time and space for the exchange of creative people and digital start-ups, authors and distributors, thinkers, doers and users.


Networks are the main arteries in the globalized field of action and work of the creative and music industries. Be it in the local or transatlantic network of music creators and consumers, of business and politics, of institutions and companies - the exchange of knowledge and information is more important than ever.

Within the EXCHANGE & CONNECT section, we will be presenting examples of how networks occupy and deal with topics, how they are used to articulate and disseminate interests, and how they generate new ideas and at times also add new value.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed on May 2 and 3, 2019: What is the significance of a night economy for cities and regions? Do we need a night policy in addition to cultural policy, and what might this look like? How can we move from a strategy of prevention to one of empowerment? What concepts are there to protect live music venues from the spiral of gentrification? Are live music venues cultural assets and therefore worth protecting? How can networks be used wisely to set the right course?


To bring music successfully into the world, more precisely into the world of media and social networks, to the shops, clubs, and concert halls - that is the job of music managers, bookers, and promoters or label operators. But not every musician and every small label can afford to have all these experts work for them, but they have to take on these jobs themselves. This is not an easy undertaking, especially since most of them only want one thing: to make their music. That's why basic knowledge from and about the music industry can't hurt, and you also need to get in contact with them and maintain it.

On Friday, May 3, 2019, as part of the c/o pop Convention, in the NEW TALENT program section we will once again impart practical industry expertise, establish networks and offer assistance. Experts will share their knowledge and advice with you, and you will learn how you can effectively promote and market your music.


April, 24: New Talent Day
April, 24: New Talent Day

The c/o pop Convention is getting an extra day! In addition to the program on April 22 and 23, we have our New Talent Day on April 24, where we offer exciting Expert Sessions and Breakout Sessions. The majority of the convention program will not be streamed, but will take place exclusively in our convention platform.

The livestream on April 22 and 23 is free and accessible without registration on our website. Registration is required for the platform, but again, everything is free. You can find the link and info on how to register here.

popNRW supports up-and-coming bands in North Rhine-Westphalia and gives the regional music scene international visibility. The New Talent section of c/o pop xoxo is hosted by popNRW - Nachwuchsförderung für junge Talente aus NRW, VUT West and the c/o pop Convention. It will take place for the fifth time in 2021 and provides knowledge and tips from experienced professionals for young artists and bands.

c/o pop xoxo 2021: New Formats
c/o pop xoxo 2021: New Formats

Once again, we will mix interactive live formats with concerts and present the whole thing to you as an engaging event with lots of special content and exciting challenges. For the Convention program, numerous experts will talk about the latest industry issues and encourage discussion. NEW: The Convention program gets two new formats: Keynotes and Interviews will enhance our program alongside Talks, Expert Sessions, Breakout Sessions and Specials - short and concise input from renowned speakers! What the individual formats are, you can find out here:

Talk: Several speakers discuss the title topic together.

Interview: An expert is interviewed by a moderator on the title topic in a two-way conversation.

Keynote: An expert gives a short introduction to the title topic - i.e. an impulse lecture.

Expert Session: Here, one or more speakers give detailed input on the title topic - a longer keynote, so to speak.

Breakout Session: These are our online workshops. Away from the stream, small groups work on the title topic. Registration is required here, as space is limited.

Special: Specials are formats such as readings, award ceremonies, format mixes, etc.

Our Headquarters 2021
Our Headquarters 2021

Convention headquarters will be at WandelWerk in 2021! From April 22 to 24, we will broadcast the convention program here live in the stream on the website in in the platform.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, KLuG e.V. has built a pop-up transformation center for social-ecological change in a former car dealership between Cologne-Ehrenfeld and Cologne-Nippes. With 4,802 square meters of space including a co-working area, creative workshop, greenhouse, cultural events and café, it offers room for individual empowerment, networking and social interaction - making it the perfect place for our Convention. At the heart of WandelWerk is the city laboratory, where visions for the people- and climate-friendly city of tomorrow are developed, implemented and made tangible for everyone, together with civil society, neighborhoods, committed people, business, science, administration and politics. Civil society engagement, alternative economic activity, creative development and social encounters merge in this place and are translated into forward-looking concepts. That's exactly why we feel really comfortable at WandelWerk, since we also want to be future-oriented and change is simply part of that.

Click here for a look into the WandelWerk!

TINCON x c/o pop Convention
TINCON x c/o pop Convention

Cancelled festivals. Concerts on balconies. Exclusive livestreams on Twitch. What role does pop culture play when the world stands still? And how does the younger generation receive music in times of pandemic? Is this where the donations for the cultural scene are buried? TINCON, the conference for digital youth culture, offers expert knowledge on issues related to youth culture and the internet. In their talks, TINCON-Experteens explain current streaming trends of Gen Z to the music industry. As an interdisciplinary event for digital youth culture, TINCON conveys media competence and social participation in a wide range of topics which reaches the entire young generation of 13 to 25 year olds who have grown up in the digital age. The TINCON presents two Talks in our c/o pop xoxo livestream 2021: No matter what the crisis is – Wie Corona unser Verhältnis zu Musik verändert mit Sofia Hoffmeister und How to Twitch & Music mit Robin Seiler.

VUT Indie Days Köln #2
VUT Indie Days Köln #2

The VUT Indie Days Cologne will take place in 2021 for the second time in cooperation with the c/o pop Convention. The VUT e.V. presents several program items for our c/o pop xoxo livestream in April.

The first confirmed speakers of the VUT Indie Days Cologne include Helen Smith (Executive Chair, Impala), Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital), Will Page (author) and Bas Grasmayer (Strategist in Music & Culture), Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital), Vickie Nauman (CEO, CrossBorderWorks), Houwaida Goulli (artist at houaïda, freelance artist consultant and product manager, recordJet), Frank Spilker (musician and author, Die Sterne, VUT board member), Aida Baghernejad (freelance journalist and doctoral candidate in European Ethnology at the HU Berlin)

The program of the 2nd VUT Indie Days Cologne includes the following topics:

Will Page & Helen Smith: New dynamics of the long tail
Will Page, former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music talks to IMPALA's Executive Chair Helen Smith about the displacement of existing businesses by technological and economic change. Rethinking the fundamentals is key to a sustainable future for our industry. Page's first book, Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting Through Disruption, published in May, features applicable learning from Starbucks, Tupperware to Groucho Marx.

Streaming 2021 - On the way to the optimal streaming model?
The discussion about alternative or parallel artist remuneration on streaming platforms is gaining momentum. Bas Grasmayer (Strategist in music & culture) and Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital) are among those who will be looking for new models and a sustainable ecosystem that works for artists and their partners in order to improve future opportunities, diversity and income for everyone in the value chain.

Multi-Issue Lives - Intersectionality and the Music Industry (presented by VUT Music Industry Women)
The term "intersectionality" describes the intersection of different forms of discrimination in one person. Common music industry practices also reveal different types of discrimination. What significance does intersectionality have in pop culture at all? What injustices exist in the music industry system and how can more attention be paid to underrepresented artists and actors?

The Music Universe
Listeners, musicians, music labels, publishers, radio stations, streaming services, record stores, concert promoters and collecting societies - they are all part of the music universe. But there are also numerous other planets. The music universe gives an overview of the most important elements and actors of the "music industry" system. It shows what relationships the planets have with one another and ultimately answers a very central question: who actually pays whom?

Jörg Heidemann, the managing director of VUT, about the VUT Indie Days Köln 2021:
"Pandemic, the copyright dispute, new developments in the streaming market, diversity, old and new alliances, sustainability, and culture and the creative industries as the glue of society - a colorful bouquet of topics, and artists and their partners from the music industry play a central role in all of it. In order to exchange ideas with each other even better, we are expanding our annual industry get-together at the Reeperbahn Festival in 2021 and are looking forward to once again being part of the special edition of c/o pop with the VUT Indie Days Köln."

Quality on the Web: Grimme Online Award
Quality on the Web: Grimme Online Award

Music often also contributes to the journalistic quality on the Internet. The nominations for the Grimme Online Award 2021 will be presented via our c/o pop xoxo livestream in April! The Grimme Online Award will be presented for the 21st time in 2021 by the Grimme Institute. The Grimme Online Award is a perfect addition to our DIGITAL MUSIC program. Since the beginning of digitalization, music has been a driver of central technological developments and trends on the Internet, which is also reflected in the Grimme Online Award.

Network the Networks Germany
Network the Networks Germany

Networking of women* music networks in Germany

"Network the Networks Germany" is a decentrally produced network meeting and a platform for all FLINT* networks in music that aims to achieve national exchange and knowledge transfer between the currently about 50 nationally and regionally active women* music networks, collectives and actors*. The event is based on an idea by Mirca Lotz and is implemented by Music* Women Germany. It will take place as part of the c/o pop Convention as a satellite on April 21.

The first program items are:
- Songwriters Feedback Sessions with Alin Coen & Visibility Breakfast Berlin.
- Action Against Abuse Alliance: Mixer & Think Tank presented by Keychange
- Lost in Bytes & Beats with Alligator Gozaimasu
- How to Feminist Label with Ladies & Ladys Label
- Pandemic Support Group with Mary Ocher of the Underground Institute

Many networks have years of experience, best practices that would be of interest to other networks - if they knew about them. "Network the Networks" wants to close this gap and stimulate an exchange. What can networks learn from each other? And how can networks pool resources and ensure more equal opportunities for women*, non-binary and trans* people in music?

The networks can propose topics and individual formats via an open call for participation, e.g. in the form of talks, workshops, listening sessions, think tanks, etc.; all formats will be curated and produced decentrally and played out via a common website. It is up to everyone to decide whether they prefer to use Jitsi, Zoom, Airmeet or another platform. Via a digital pinboard, there is the possibility to win other networks as partners for their own formats in advance and to conceive and carry them out together. The exchange and networking of both musicians* and music industry women* is also to be promoted, e.g. through virtual get-togethers in the 2D world of WorkAdventure. In addition to the conference and networking formats described above, there is also space to not only experience music and art together, but also to create them.

The website will also offer all networks and collectives the opportunity to present themselves and their work and thus provide more visibility for themselves. With the exchange that will be started at the (inter-) national network meetings, a sustainable contact point for alliances will be created at the same time.

An international network meeting is planned for the fall.

This measure is implemented in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival as part of the project to "Strengthen Germany as a location for music culture and the music industry - Reeperbahn Festival 2020, Diversity, Internationalization, Gender Equality, Excellence and Networking". In cooperation with Music Women* Germany and the c/o pop Convention as part of the c/o pop xoxo 2021. Thanks to Katapult for website and logo design, Geek Space 9 for the implementation of the 2D world and Safe The Dance for the support in the area of code of conduct and digital safer space!

Transformation Manager Sustainable Culture
Transformation Manager Sustainable Culture

To kick off c/o pop xoxo 2021, Jacob Bilabel will be our guest at the introductory event for the further training course "Transformation Manager:in Sustainable Culture" offered by the Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit. The cultural and media sectors play a crucial role in the necessary transformation to a climate-friendly society. However, in order to fulfill this role, there is a need for experts who act in an advisory capacity in cultural and media productions. The Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien (Action Network Sustainability in Culture and Media), together with its partners IHK Köln (Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Energieagentur.NRW (NRW Energy Agency) and c/o pop Convention, has created a training program to support motivated actors in assuming and fulfilling this transformative role. The aim of the further training course Transformation Manager for Sustainable Culture is to impart knowledge on how cultural venues and media productions can take the path to greater sustainability. In addition to imparting knowledge, the program also serves to promote networking among stakeholders. Graduates will be able to use their knowledge as transformation managers and sustainability ambassadors to initiate and implement processes and projects in institutions that serve as role models for the sector and, beyond that, for a climate-friendly society.

Info and registration: https://aktionsnetzwerk-nachhaltigkeit.de

Our Partners
Our Partners

The Convention program of c/o pop xoxo 2021 can obviously only be realized with the support of strong partners. So far, the following partners are once again involved: VUT for the second VUT Indie Days Köln, pop NRW and VUT West for the New Talent program, the TINCON and the Centre National de la Musique (formerly Le Bureau Export), whose extensive knowledge of the music industry allows them to connect us with the right experts. Additionally, the Grimme Institut will announce their nominees for the Grimme Online Award in the four competition categories Information, Knowledge and Education, Culture and Entertainment, and Special live on the stream with us on April 22nd. We are excited and very happy about the continuation of our long-standing cooperation!

University cooperations
University cooperations

As an industry meeting for the music industry, the creative industries and the digital economy, the c/o pop Convention not only aims to bring together professionals, but also to explicitly reach the experts of tomorrow. That's why each year we approach new universities and organise collaborative events during the c/o pop Convention.

This year we are planning another virtual festival, as Corona continues to accompany us. Also in this form, the university cooperations make an important contribution to our music and word program. So we cooperate again with the Folkwang Institute for Pop Music (Bochum). The cooperation includes breakout sessions.

More info coming soon!

c/o pop on YouTube
c/o pop on YouTube

That was our c/o pop xoxo Special Edition in October 2020. The entire program is still online! Click through our YouTube channel and take a look at the many wonderful concerts and exciting talks and sessions. News about the program in 2021 will be available in January!

c/o pop x Keychange
c/o pop x Keychange

The c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention have joined the Keychange Initiative - with this we set ourselves the goal of achieving a balanced gender ratio both on the festival stages and at the convention by 2022. And with c/o pop xoxo we have already achieved - and even exceeded - this goal: In the Festival program, the gender ratio is roughly balanced. In the Convention program, 65% of the speakers are female, 35% male. And our team also has more Ladies than Gents.

The Keychange Initiative, launched by the British PRS For Music Foundation in 2017, initially only focused on music festivals - more than 180 international festivals have so far joined the initiative. As of September 2019, this declaration of intent on gender equality will be extended to related areas in the music industry such as recorded music, publishing and music radio. Until 2023, the EU Commission has allocated 1.4 million euros to the programme which is now under the direction of the Reeperbahn Festival. "We have been discussing the under-representation of women in a pop cultural context for years in protected spaces. There are so many women who make fantastic music or have a keen sense of business. However, this is not only reflected in their successes. Men still dominate art and its market. The Keychange initiative now harbors the tremendous opportunity to eliminate this imbalance," says the newly appointed Keychange ambassador Joy Denalane. We are striving even more than in previous years for a high share of women among our speakers at the c/o pop Convention 2020 - we wanted to achieve the 50:50 quota by 2022 at the latest, in accordance with our agreement with Keychange. We have already achieved this by 2020!

We are Europe Faces 2020
We are Europe Faces 2020

The Faces of We are Europe 2020 are online - four of them are part of the c/o pop Convention 2020! Nominated are those who inspire us through their talent, but especially through their commitmentand convictions. Artist and Creative Director Portrait XO (Factory Berlin), Co-Founder of teenage engineering, David Möllerstedt, WDR COSMO Head of music, Francis Gay, and founder and curator of the ART@TECH Art Festival, Victoria Blechman-Pomogajko, would have been part of panels and workshops at the c/o pop Convention. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we had to cancel the c/o pop Convention in April. The planning for the c/o pop Convention in October is in full swing and we hope that this four personalities can attend the event in October, too.

For more info on We are Europe click here: http://weare-europe.eu

AI Song Contest & Prize
AI Song Contest & Prize


This year at the c/o pop xoxo for the first time the DIANA trophy goes to musicians who have written and produced songs using the AI software Boomy and open source lyric generators. Our mission is to actively promote the creative and playful dialogue between musicians and AI software. Our goal is to kick off inspired collaborations as well as strong songs beyond genre bubbles.


The only things that matter for participation are your skills as a songwriter, your creativity and your curiosity. At the event, you will be divided into small teams and prepared for the interaction with the applications by our AI experts in a waythat will be easy to understand. No previous knowledge of AI software is required!


The DIANA Songwriting Camp will take place on October 20, 2020, in Cologne - of course under conditions suitable for the pandemic. You can apply by e-mail until September 25, 2020. The awards ceremony will be streamed as part of the c/o pop xoxo program on October 23 and 24.

You'll find all information here.

c/o pop xoxo Breakout Sessions
c/o pop xoxo Breakout Sessions

As a conference with a focus on networking, the c/o pop Convention offers, in addition to the streaming program in October, individual workshops that take place online. In these Breakout Sessions you can work in small groups on a topic - almost like in a normal workshop. We will publish the first topics soon!

In 2020 we had these topics with us:

Coming out as a theme in pop culture with Zeynep Alpay (Visual Artist & Activist)
(Sprache: Englisch)

FuturePulse - Predicting the unpredictable with Saki Markovic (Playground Music), Daniel Johansson (Soundtrack Your Brand) and Gonçal Calvo (BMAT)
(Sprache: Englisch)

How to sync in G/S/A with Pia Hoffmann (Music Consultation, Copyright Clearance, Music Supervising)
(Language: Englisch)

Empowerment: Women in the music industry - safe space with Shanice Ruby Bennett (Musician) and Bianca Hauda (Journalist)
(Language: German)

Mindset as success factor for musicians - an introduction with Corinna Jacke (SOUNDSGOOD Music Agency)
(Language: German)

TikTok as marketing platform for musicians with Andreas Hänisch (TikTok)
(Language: German)

Best Practices – Gender Equality with Mirca Lotz ([fwd:like waves])
(Language: German)

What's your Story? with Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker (Digital Coaching Academy)
(Language: German)

Let go of self-doubt for musicians with Melina Paetzold (Musician & Coach)
(Language: German)

How to: Female Looks - Female Looks - Visual identities of female musicians in pop with Tanja Godlewsky (Institut für Pop-Musik der Folkwang Universität der Künste)
(Language: German)

All chords and when to use them - A crash course in harmony for pop musicians with Gregor Schwellenbach (Institut für Pop-Musik der Folkwang Universität der Künste)
(Language: German)

Apply now! Funding opportunities of the Initiative Musik for musicians with Julia Waldmann and Anne Rodewald (Initiative Musik)
(Language: German)

Songwriting: You can study that? with Stephan Scheuss, Anikó Kanthak, Christoph Rieger (all Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln) and Marlena Kressin (Musician)
(Language: German)

Consulting session: The matter with your insurance with Jörg Fallmann (Mannheimer Versicherung AG)
(Language: German)

c/o pop xoxo Convention Online-Ticket
c/o pop xoxo Convention Online-Ticket

As a conference with a focus on networking, the c/o pop Convention offers individual online workshops as well as the streaming program. In these Breakout Sessions, small groups can work on a topic. Almost as usual. How to sign up for the Breakout Sessions will be announced soon.

c/o pop xoxo New Talent program
c/o pop xoxo New Talent program

The c/o pop Convention's New Talent Program provides knowledge and tips from experienced professionals for young artists and bands. These topics are included, with more to follow in mid-October:

Breaking down the process: a human’s role in creativity with AI (Language: Englisch) with Portrait XO, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Creative Director at Factory Berlin

How to Patreon - Membership success and reliable monetization opportunities for the creative industry (Language: Englisch) with Sarah Kockler & Ronny Krieger, Patreon

Mindset as success factor for musicians - an introduction (Language: German) with Corinna Jacke, SOUNDSGOOD Music Agency

What's your Story? (Language: German) with Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker, Digital Coaching Academy

Mistakes - Traps - Videos (Language: German) with Anne Schulte, Videojournalist

How to: Female Looks - Visual identities of female musicians in pop (Language: German) with Tanja Godlewsky, Institut für Pop-Musik der Folkwang Universität der Künste

All chords and when you should use which - A crash course in harmony for pop musicians (Language: German) with Gregor Schwellenbach, Institut für Pop-Musik der Folkwang Universität der Künste

Apply now! Funding opportunities of the Initiative Musik for musicians (Language: German) with Julia Waldmann and Anne Rodewald, Initiative Musik

The New Talent section of c/o pop xoxo is hosted by popNRW - Nachwuchsförderung für junge Talente aus NRW, VUT West and the c/o pop Convention.

Insurance for musicians
Insurance for musicians

Of course, insurance is important. But this topic is annoying. Feeling too opaque, complex and small print, and anyway, who do you trust?

Corona isn't exactly a profit earner for musicians, but at least it gives them time to deal with topics that all too often become a permanent fixture on the to-do list in stressful everyday life: For example, the topic of insurance. How do I insure my equipment in the car at night? Are there special professional liability or accident insurance policies for musicians? There are! And Jörg Fallmann knows them. He has been working as an insurance salesman since 1996 and is also a really good guy. Everything you should know about musicians' insurance, Jörg will explain to you in the length of a (hot) cup of coffee. Book in now for an approx. twenty-minute 1:1 consultation session via zoom.

The consultations of 20 minutes each take place in the following time slots:

Thursday 22.10.2020: 11:30 to 12:30
Friday 23.10.2020: 15:00 to 17:00
Saturday 24.10.2020: 14:00 to 15:00

Presented by I'M SOUND - Insurance for music on the circuit.

The Breakout Sessions are not streamed and are only accessible by registration (the number of seats is limited). To register, you will need the free c/o pop xoxo Convention Online Ticket. After registering for the Online Ticket, you will receive access to our Delegates Database, where you can register for the Breakout Sessions and network and exchange information with other participants.

Click here for the online-ticket: http://bit.ly/xoxoonlineticket

c/o pop xoxo - FAQ
c/o pop xoxo - FAQ

c/o pop xoxo – hugs & kisses from Cologne! Both analog and digital, in Cologne and around the world. A special edition of the c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention. The most important facts in a nutshell:


c/o pop xoxo is a special edition of the c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention for 2020 because due to COVID-19, we were unable to conduct the event we had planned for April.


From October 21 to 24, 2020, we are presenting a digital and interactive Festival and Convention program on our website to send out virtual hugs & kisses!


Canceling our regularly planned festival and convention left us with grief - however, we see our special edition as an opportunity to test out new content, concepts, communication formats and technical options. c/o pop xoxo combines live events compliant with the COVID-19 regulations with new digital formats. The experimental concept includes concerts, interviews, talks, workshops and showcases of all kinds. Get ready for over 120 program items!


Our diverse international program planned for April cannot be moved to October completely. Therefore in October, we focus on the key concept of our work: supporting pop music newcomers. We present newcomers from Cologne and NRW to you as well as cooperations from Germany and Europe: You will find out about our pandemic-proof program in mid September.


Discover new locations: From the roof terrace with a view of the Cologne cathedral to opulent music halls, junkyards, parrot houses - not to forget our new headquarter, the HERBRAND's ehrenfeld.


Should the coronavirus situation allow it, we will also present live concerts and give away tickets via Facebook and Instagram. Just follow us!


The c/o pop Convention is a conference for professionals from the music and media industry and for young artists at the beginnings of their careers. That's why, normally, we offer our visitors many panel discussions, talks, interviews, workshops and tutorials to discuss current issues of the industry, identify problems and pass on specific know-how. Additionally, the convention always offers plenty of space and time for networking. Since these kinds of meetings are not possible at the moment, we are shifting our convention program to the World Wide Web. Panels, talks and interviews will be shown live in the streams. Furthermore, we will provide breakout sessions via video call software, i.e. workshops, that take place apart from the stream. There, you can examine specific topics, almost like in normal workshops.


You don’t need tickets to attend at c/o pop xoxo’s. The program presented in our stream and on our social media channels is free of charge and publicly accessible. Should the Corona situation allow it, we will give away tickets for (a few) live concerts via Facebook and Instagram. Just follow us! Due to Corona, it won’t be possible to purchase on-site tickets for the Convention program either. Only the Breakout Sessions require pre-registrations free of charge. The free c/o pop Convention Online Ticket is available here. As soon as you have an Online Ticket, you can register for the Breakout Sessions.


With the c/o pop xoxo Convention Online Ticket you get the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other participants in the Delegates Database. Free of charge!


Safety first! Of course we will comply with all prevailing hygiene and distancing regulations at all events.


Hugs & Kisses to all our sponsors and partners for making this virtual c/o pop Edition possible! Special thanks to the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Initiative Musik, the City of Cologne, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Creative Europe program and the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, who are taking this unusual step and support our semi-virtual Festival and Convention Special Edition. Without you all this would not be possible!

c/o pop xoxo – with love from Cologne!
c/o pop xoxo – with love from Cologne!

NEW DATE: OCTOBER 21 TO 24, 2020.

The coronavirus crisis has caused all of us to rethink what we consider normal. One thing is clear: even in October 2020, there can't be a c/o pop Festival and c/o pop Convention in the regular form. Instead, we'll be exploring new digital and analogue paths together - with c/o pop xoxo from October 21 to 24, 2020.

Cultural life during and with the coronavirus pandemic has changed: Clubs had to close, festivals were cancelled, many artists fear for their existence. And a back-to-normal scenario is still a long way off. From the "live from home" of the coronavirus days back to "back to live" is a tricky path. We want to accompany this transition with an experimental concept that mixes classical concert performances and talks with new digital formats. Because we have resolved to one thing: Cologne will have a festival in autumn!

We are thrilled that many of our partners from April are also supporting this special edition, such as popNRW, the network We are Europe and the VUT - Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen e.V.


Our aim with c/o pop xoxo is to build a bridge from events held under social-distance conditions to interactive live formats. In doing so, we do not want to lose sight of the core idea behind our programme: to promote and support the next generation of pop musicians. We also want to reduce the lack of physical contact between visitors with c/o pop xoxo and at least virtually distribute Hugs and Kisses: XOXO.

As always, the goal is to support the most interesting artists and bands from Cologne, NRW and the entire country on their way, to present them to an interested audience and to bring them into contact with industry professionals from Germany and abroad.


To be able to hold c/o pop xoxo as an event suitable for the pandemic, we are planning a festival and a convention which will focus on significantly fewer stages and which will additionally be presented digitally on a multi-channel platform.

c/o pop xoxo will have a headquarters in both the analogue and digital world: For three days, we will produce and broadcast a wide range of pop culture content from Herbrand's in Cologne-Ehrenfeld on various platforms: concerts, interviews, readings, talks, workshops, tutorials and showcases of all kinds. Complemented by activities on our social media channels.

Xoxo with love from Cologne!

The c/o pop Festival & c/o pop Convention 2020 are funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Initiative Musik, the City of Cologne and the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the European Union (Creative Europe Program).

Online Talk
Online Talk

Our online talk "Tanz die Systemrelevanz" will enter its second round on Friday, July 3, at 1 p.m.: with Jan van Weegen (Gebäude 9 / KLUBKOMM, Cologne), Pamela Schobeß (Gretchen / Clubcommission, Berlin), Terry Krug (Clubstiftung Hamburg) and our c/o pop Convention director Ralph H. Christoph

A little over two months ago, when everybody was still under the influence of the first month in lockdown, we held a c/o pop Convention Online Talk about the question of how systemically relevant the cultural industry actually is. Back then, we also tried to look into the future and consider what possible exit strategies might look like. Today we know at least one thing for sure: the club and live entertainment industry was "first out" and will definitely be "last in".

Since then, a lot of money has gone into supporting the various cultural sectors, at the local, regional and national level. But even the "Kulturmilliarde" (Billion for Culture), which is intended to save private cultural institutions as part of the bailout and future programme "NEUSTART KULTUR" (New Start Culture) launched by the Minister of State for Culture and Media, has not ended the debate about the fit of the coronavirus relief measures since there is no end of the pandemic in sight.

We will discuss the specific situation of the clubs and venues in "Tanz die Systemrelevanz, Pt. 2". Therefore, we will look at Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne and want to find out how the support of the scene has advanced in these cities. At the end, there will be a Q&A session - post your questions into the chat, and we will answer them at the end of the talk.

This talk of the c/o pop Convention is sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the City of Cologne and We are Europe.

Click here for the stream.

Please note: The talk will be held in German!


Jan van Weegen has been the operator of Gebäude 9 in Cologne since 1996. Since 2014, he has also held the position of First Chairman of Klubkomm, the Verband Kölner Clubs und Veranstalter e.V. (Association of Cologne Clubs and Organisers).

Pamela Schobeß has been managing clubs in Berlin for over 20 years. After her Club Icon was displaced from Prenzlauer Berg by gentrification, she has been managing the Kreuzberger (Live-)Club Gretchen since 2011. Since 2016, Pamela has been on the managing board of the Berlin Clubcommission. She is also a member of the IHK general assembly, the IHK committees for the creative industries and urban development, the supervisory board of the Berlin Music Commission and the advisory board of the Musicboard Berlin.

Terry Krug has given her heart to the club culture as the manager of the legendary Tanzhalle St. Pauli. She is one of the founding members of the Clubkombinat and was the managing director of the Hamburger Interessenverband for several years. During this time Terry Krug actively supported the foundation of the Bundesverband Livekomm and helped give birth to the Stiftung zur Stärkung privater Musikbühnen Hamburg, better known as Club Foundation. Today she is the first chairwoman of the organisation, which is still unique today.

Ralph Christoph is one of the founders of the c/o pop Festival in Cologne. He was programme director of the c/o pop Festival from 2004 to 2007, and since 2014 he has been in charge of the c/o pop Convention and is responsible for international relations and the strategic direction of the whole brand c/o pop.


Since all participating speakers are donating their share, 100% of the income of this stream will go into a solidarity pact for the Cologne club culture, which can help venues and organisers to save jobs, bridge financing gaps and also to provide cultural offers for you after the crisis.

Thank you for your support!

Solidarity Stream for Cologne Club Culture
Solidarity Stream for Cologne Club Culture

c/o pop Convention & Festival @ COLOGNE CULTURE STREAM

The COLOGNE CULTURE STREAM gave us the opportunity to transport some festival atmosphere into your living rooms from April 22 to 26. You can still watch the talks, lessons and interviews on www.dringeblieben.de or on our Facebook page. We discussed the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the cultural industry with experts and affected people from the music and concert industry and also presented some lessons for artists and bands with specific information to carry on projects during this crisis.

Please note: The program was held in German. This is why we do not provide any information on the program in English. Thank you for your understanding.