Our Headquarters 2021
Our Headquarters 2021

Convention headquarters will be at WandelWerk in 2021! From April 22 to 24, we will broadcast the convention program here live in the stream on the website in in the platform.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, KLuG e.V. has built a pop-up transformation center for social-ecological change in a former car dealership between Cologne-Ehrenfeld and Cologne-Nippes. With 4,802 square meters of space including a co-working area, creative workshop, greenhouse, cultural events and café, it offers room for individual empowerment, networking and social interaction - making it the perfect place for our Convention. At the heart of WandelWerk is the city laboratory, where visions for the people- and climate-friendly city of tomorrow are developed, implemented and made tangible for everyone, together with civil society, neighborhoods, committed people, business, science, administration and politics. Civil society engagement, alternative economic activity, creative development and social encounters merge in this place and are translated into forward-looking concepts. That's exactly why we feel really comfortable at WandelWerk, since we also want to be future-oriented and change is simply part of that.

Click here for a look into the WandelWerk!