c/o pop xoxo 2021: New Formats
c/o pop xoxo 2021: New Formats

Once again, we will mix interactive live formats with concerts and present the whole thing to you as an engaging event with lots of special content and exciting challenges. For the Convention program, numerous experts will talk about the latest industry issues and encourage discussion. NEW: The Convention program gets two new formats: Keynotes and Interviews will enhance our program alongside Talks, Expert Sessions, Breakout Sessions and Specials - short and concise input from renowned speakers! What the individual formats are, you can find out here:

Talk: Several speakers discuss the title topic together.

Interview: An expert is interviewed by a moderator on the title topic in a two-way conversation.

Keynote: An expert gives a short introduction to the title topic - i.e. an impulse lecture.

Expert Session: Here, one or more speakers give detailed input on the title topic - a longer keynote, so to speak.

Breakout Session: These are our online workshops. Away from the stream, small groups work on the title topic. Registration is required here, as space is limited.

Special: Specials are formats such as readings, award ceremonies, format mixes, etc.