VUT Indie Days Köln #2
VUT Indie Days Köln #2

The VUT Indie Days Cologne will take place in 2021 for the second time in cooperation with the c/o pop Convention. The VUT e.V. presents several program items for our c/o pop xoxo livestream in April.

The first confirmed speakers of the VUT Indie Days Cologne include Helen Smith (Executive Chair, Impala), Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital), Will Page (author) and Bas Grasmayer (Strategist in Music & Culture), Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital), Vickie Nauman (CEO, CrossBorderWorks), Houwaida Goulli (artist at houaïda, freelance artist consultant and product manager, recordJet), Frank Spilker (musician and author, Die Sterne, VUT board member), Aida Baghernejad (freelance journalist and doctoral candidate in European Ethnology at the HU Berlin)

The program of the 2nd VUT Indie Days Cologne includes the following topics:

Will Page & Helen Smith: New dynamics of the long tail
Will Page, former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music talks to IMPALA's Executive Chair Helen Smith about the displacement of existing businesses by technological and economic change. Rethinking the fundamentals is key to a sustainable future for our industry. Page's first book, Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting Through Disruption, published in May, features applicable learning from Starbucks, Tupperware to Groucho Marx.

Streaming 2021 - On the way to the optimal streaming model?
The discussion about alternative or parallel artist remuneration on streaming platforms is gaining momentum. Bas Grasmayer (Strategist in music & culture) and Sammy Andrews (CEO, Deviate Digital) are among those who will be looking for new models and a sustainable ecosystem that works for artists and their partners in order to improve future opportunities, diversity and income for everyone in the value chain.

Multi-Issue Lives - Intersectionality and the Music Industry (presented by VUT Music Industry Women)
The term "intersectionality" describes the intersection of different forms of discrimination in one person. Common music industry practices also reveal different types of discrimination. What significance does intersectionality have in pop culture at all? What injustices exist in the music industry system and how can more attention be paid to underrepresented artists and actors?

The Music Universe
Listeners, musicians, music labels, publishers, radio stations, streaming services, record stores, concert promoters and collecting societies - they are all part of the music universe. But there are also numerous other planets. The music universe gives an overview of the most important elements and actors of the "music industry" system. It shows what relationships the planets have with one another and ultimately answers a very central question: who actually pays whom?

Jörg Heidemann, the managing director of VUT, about the VUT Indie Days Köln 2021:
"Pandemic, the copyright dispute, new developments in the streaming market, diversity, old and new alliances, sustainability, and culture and the creative industries as the glue of society - a colorful bouquet of topics, and artists and their partners from the music industry play a central role in all of it. In order to exchange ideas with each other even better, we are expanding our annual industry get-together at the Reeperbahn Festival in 2021 and are looking forward to once again being part of the special edition of c/o pop with the VUT Indie Days Köln."