Where Marketers meet the Music Industry

Industry meeting for brands, agencies and the music industry: BRANDS & MUSIC

Over the past year, the big brands have raised their music sponsoring to the next level. Telekom secured the streaming rights of festivals to market their new streaming service MagentaMusik 360; influencer cooperations are firmly established in the marketing strategies of companies, the use of music and songs for advertisements and films is increasing. In short: The collaboration of the music and advertisement industry is close and constructive. And it is being accepted by the fans – if it is done well and has an added value. Ideally, a win-win-win-situation is developed – for artists, brands and the fans.

On Thursday, August 30 BRANDS & MUSIC will bring together everybody who is involved in the success of this kind of cooperations that are rewarding for all sides: Advertisers, marketers, media-makers, the music industry, and the advertising industry. One whole day long we will offer insights into the relevant topics, present the good and bad cases, we will discuss with agencies, companies, managers and music makers on the status quo and the future of the connection between music and brands.

Which musicians fit which brands? How can the effect of influencers be utilized? How can you find the perfect Sync for a film or an advertisement? How can festivals use sponsoring to put their business on a solid basis and still remain artistically credible? What can brands offer to festivals besides money? What new opportunities are there to activate a brand through music?

A lot of questions for which we will look for and find answers together with experienced protagonists.

BRANDS & MUSIC is being organized by the agency Lautstark in cooperation with c/o pop Convention 2018.