Sound, Spot – Sync, super!
Sound, Spot – Sync, super!

What’s next for the sync business? We will discuss the future of the synchronization of music rights for advertising & film at BRANDS & MUSIC on Thursday, August 30. International music supervisors and sync specialists will give you insights into their work. Speakers include Ilana Goldstoff (Sizzer Amsterdam), Nadin Lefkeli (White Horse Music) and Kier Wiater Carnihan (Record-Play).

How do you find the right music for a brand, a product, a campaign, or a commercial as a music supervisor? Do you trust in the data or your own emotions? Do you stick closely to the briefing or surprise with something unexpected? Do you use existing songs or let someone compose something new?

Are brands banking on newcomers or well-known names? What is the strategy behind each approach? In what way is the market changing? Which trends are becoming apparent when using entertainment content for brands? And what can creative musicians do to make their mark as sync partners for brands and agencies?

We are going to approach these questions from different directions under the title “Sound, Spot – Sync, super!“. Kier Wiater Carnihan is going to present the important insights of his ultimate sync guide “Unlocking The Sync: A brand’s guide to bands and a band’s guide to brands”, which he wrote alongside Eamonn Forde – Kier Wiater Carnihan is the Head of Comms at Record-Play, a music consultancy that counts Adidas, Google, and Mango among its current clients.

Further music supervisors and sync specialists will provide input from their practice and will take a look ahead. One of them is Ilana Goldstoff who is head of sync & licensing at Sizzer Amsterdam. There she was responsible for the award-winning “When You Drive, Never Drink” Heineken campaign, as well as syncs for Chanel, Audi, Volkswagen, and Opel. Nadin Lefkeli is managing director of White Horse Music, the music consulting agency of Jung von Matt. Besides her position in management Lefkeli’s skills range from strategic music consulting to complex licensing negotiations for clients such as Vodafone, for which White Horse Music has already incorporated acts such as Woodkid, Rag’n’Bone Man or Alice Merton into campaigns.